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About Us

We create scrubs that epitomize form and function.  Gorgeous and figure flattering enough to be worn by Hollywood stars, yet soft, stretchy, and sophisticated enough to be worn by real health care professionals.  Your job is to help make people's lives better and you shouldn't have to do that in saggy polyester potato sacks bedecked with goofy prints!  We are proud to help make you feel better by looking better, and in turn pass the goodness on to your patients.

We are also proud to have our clothing manufactured in Los Angeles, California in sweatshop-free conditions as a way to keep business thriving in our community and our country!

This is just the first step in a revolution to end the tyranny of ill-fitting uninspired clothing for medical professionals.

Stay tuned for more great designs that will make you love your clothes!

Thanks for your support.

                         Carey & Kevin  



Made in Awesome LA! Sweat Shop Free

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