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The whole gorgeous cast of [SCRUBS]. Judy Reyes, as always, looks gorgeous in our "juicy" colored scrubs. Sarah Chalke wears the prototype of the Best Ever Labcoat. (coming soon!)

The whole cast of SCRUBS in white. Judy wears Best Ever's white scrubs that are made with cotton thread so that they can be be dyed (and the thread will dye too).

We've used these white scrubs to dye dozens of colors for "Carlas" wardrobe. You could do it too; go ahead get crazy with the tie dye if you want!

Donald & Johnny C are wearing Best Ever Scrubs in this shot.

Beautiful, beautiful Judy. Once she tried Best Ever Scrubs she never wore any other brand on the show.

A kiss from Sarah...this would probaly cure most problems!

Have you ever seen a more beautiful doctor? Sarah wears the prototype of our Best Ever labcoat. There is lots of shaping in it so that you can still see her fabulous shape when she wears it!

The gorgeous and hilarious, Eliza Coupe joined us in the 8th season as the intern "Denise". Her character was supposed to be kinda boyish and insensitive so we kept her in darker colors with ungirlie tshirts, sneakers and accessories.

John C McGinnley as "Dr. Cox" sporting Best Ever Scrubs Men's line pants. He is so awesomely in shape we had to come up with some scrubs that fit well to show off his physique!

Zach Braff wearing the prototypes for the Best Ever Men's line. With a model like him, who needs marketing?!

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